100 word challenge


Ah, what a nice day. The sun is beaming through the sky. There stands me, a tall skinny boy. I yell to my friend, “Douglas, here, pass the ball!” He kicks it, then it all went black. Suddenly, I saw a beam of light. I woke up and saw my mum, dad and sister, and boy, she just wouldn’t stop crying. I looked around and suddenly I was in hospital. I did not know what happened. I tried to get out of bed, but for some reason, did not have legs. I screamed. It was a loud and piercing scream!


When I Grow Up

When I grow up I want to play in the NBA. NBA stands for National Basketball Association. NBA is held in America. first I will try out for NBL and if I get in hopefully I will get drafted into the NBA. NBL stands for National Basketball League and is held in Australia. I LIKE BASKETBALL A LOT! Basketball is my favourite sport because its a fast, fun no contact sport.

Concert 2015

On the 7 of October 2015 the preps to 6 students went to the Besen Centre to have a school concert. Our school concert title was called all aboard. In our school concert all aboard I did 5 things. I did 4 dances and I act. I did 2 African dances, I Spanish dance, a world cup soccer dance and an act as a busboy. I was rushing in the change rooms because I had so many parts. Out of all my dances and 1 part, what I liked the best was my Spanish dance. I liked our  concert because I did a lot of things and I had a lot of fun. it was a good way to finish my last concert.

This is a video about the NBA greatest slam dunk contest, I was impressed from how big they can jump. I like this video.


On Monday the footy was on at the MCG ( Melbourne cricket ground. ) It was Collingwood VS Melbourne. as the siren sounds I got excited, and Collingwood won too, so that’s good. My Footy team is Collingwood.

Go Pies!!!!!!!!!


Cross country

cross country is when you vs other schools and run.

you run about 2 kms and have a lot of fun. I like it because I’m good at it and it’s lots of fun.

i did it last year too.

My goal

My goal is to improve in my math’s. I will do this by  practicing my math’s this week. I will practice working on fractions. In particular I will work on comparing fractions.

my holiday

on my holiday i went to 79 jump street, it was fun. there are trampolines everywhere. i liked the basketball rings. i like 79 jump street because you can do whatever you want.

Interschool sports

Interschool  sports is an activity that involves versing other schools in various sports.  I enjoy it.   The sports we can play are Basketball, Kickball, Volleyball and  Softball.

Where you play.

You can play home or away. I like playing away because its fun going on a bus.

I am really enjoying interschool sports.

Hello world!

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