When I Grow Up

When I grow up I want to play in the NBA. NBA stands for National Basketball Association. NBA is held in America. first I will try out for NBL and if I get in hopefully I will get drafted into the NBA. NBL stands for National Basketball League and is held in Australia. I LIKE BASKETBALL A LOT! Basketball is my favourite sport because its a fast, fun no contact sport.

Concert 2015

On the 7 of October 2015 the preps to 6 students went to the Besen Centre to have a school concert. Our school concert title was called all aboard. In our school concert all aboard I did 5 things. I did 4 dances and I act. I did 2 African dances, I Spanish dance, a world cup soccer dance and an act as a busboy. I was rushing in the change rooms because I had so many parts. Out of all my dances and 1 part, what I liked the best was my Spanish dance. I liked our  concert because I did a lot of things and I had a lot of fun. it was a good way to finish my last concert.